Master key systems

<p>Master key systems was established in 1994. The 21 years old company is a family owned business that specializes in manufacture of door cylinder locks. These locks are manufactured for commercial, industrial and domestic use. The company has grew with the same production team for 15 long years. Master key systems not only offers its matchless products, but also the first class services. The product line of the company matches the complex academy, school of home for a small HMO. It is located at the center of the lock industry of UK. The territory of the office comprises of more than 3500 sq ft. which also includes manufacturing unit. Being a vital place for the company, it is monitored with camera surveillance.Adapta J40 Restricted Profile:It is a grade 6 durability (100,000) cycles lock. It is also a security grade 3. Its extra keys are only available via master key systems. It is available in satin nickel plate, satin brass, polished brass, polished brass, and polished chrome and bronze. Cylinder type may be of euro profile, oval profile, Scandinavian oval, rim, adams rite type, padlocks of blind turns. The cylinder variants available are Single (1/2 Cylinder), 40-60mm Oval,(45mm) Double, 60-120mm Oval ,(60-80mm) Thumb Turn and 60-120mm Oval (60-80mm). British Standard Kite Marked:It is a grade 6 durability with 100,000 cycles security grade 3 open key ways lock. Its cur keys are available from reputable locksmiths. Master key system recommends using original blanks. It is available it satin nickel plate and satin brass. You have the option to choose among different cylinder types like euro open profile, oval profile, padlocks and blind turns.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

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